Italian Mechatronics Award 2012

PIM 1PITOM has been awarded by NĂ²va24 - Il Sole 24 Ore as a finalist of the Italian Mechatronics Award, come to its sixth edition. PITOM is the only start-up among the 5 finalists in the Award, and has proudly competed with companies such as Corghi spa, winner of the Prize, founded in 1954, and world leader in the production of equipment for tire and auto repair shops, 700 employees with a turnover of 125 million euro in 2011.

The Industrial Association of the Province of Reggio Emilia decided to set up the prestigious award in the belief that the field of mechatronics is a major driver of the development of Italian engineering companies, with the intention of highlighting the companies, with mechatronic solutions, that were able to develop innovative products creating real distinctive competitive advantage in international markets. Last year the prize was awarded to Health Robotics and previous editions to Prima Industrie, Carlo Gavazzi Space, System and Brembo.

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PITOM snc - P.IVA 02002070502 - SS12, 51 - 56017 San Giuliano Terme (PI) - Tel. (+39) 050 817472


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