On 2 October 2012, the creation of ASSORPAS (Associazione Italiana per I Light RPAS), the new Italian national association for Light RPAS (MTOM <150 kg), was formally announced.

The founding members of ASSORPAS comprise 15 Italian companies, consisting of 6 system integrators/manufacturers, 6 RPAS operators, 3 sub-system/sensor manufacturers, namely: Advanced Aviation Technology, Aermatica, Aeroriprese, Aibotix Italia, Aslatech, Cons.Ticonzero, Filmer, Flighttech Italia, Iptsat, Neutech, NTA Italdron, PITOM, Vireal, Volovisione, Conte Gianpaolo. PITOM is the only company that manufactures autopilots within ASSORPAS.

ASSORPAS is registered in Milan and has as objective to represent the Italian Light RPAS community [manufacturers (at system & sub-system level) & operators] and to promote the safe and responsible use of Light RPAS in Italy. It will maintain close relations with the Italian civil aviation authority (ENAC).

The association has become a member of UVS International’s International Coordination Council (ICC), and the association’s members will be actively participating in EUROCAE WG93 on Light RPAS. An ASSORPAS working group has been established to address the WG93 work packages (in Italian) and to supply consensually agreed national inputs (in English) to WG93. ASSORPAS will endeavour to coordinate its activities and cooperate with the other European national associations and to be actively involved in all European initiatives relevant to Light RPAS.

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PITOM snc - P.IVA 02002070502 - SS12, 51 - 56017 San Giuliano Terme (PI) - Tel. (+39) 050 817472


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